An exceptional selection of quality beers, wines, spirits and soft drinks to enjoy with your meal



Our traditional cask ales come from renowned regional breweries. Our regulars are Lakeland Gold by Hawkeshead brewery, Pride of Pendle from Moorhouses brewery and our own ‘Giddy Kipper’ - brewed especially for us. We also have a variety of draught continental lagers, craft bottled beers and ciders.


Our wine list is compiled with the help of award-winning independent wine merchants D. Byrne & Co. of Clitheroe, with the aim of showcasing a spectrum of flavours from across the wine world, with something of quality for every palate. Should you wish, our staff are able to make wine recommendations to match dishes from our menu.


Please ask about our collection of single malt whiskies, brandies, liqueurs and our increasingly extensive selection of gins.

Tea & Coffee

Our coffee and fine loose-leaf teas are supplied by J. Atkinson & Co. of Lancaster. Their coffee reaches us within days of roasting and our staff are barista trained to ensure every coffee we serve expresses this quality and freshness.


Raising the Bar

Constantly seeking to enhance experiences at The Cartford Inn, we continuously strive to improve all aspects of our offering. This includes our standards of service, the pub environment and of course our outstanding food and drink. It’s these efforts that have resulted in a reputation as not only one of the best pubs in Lancashire, but nationwide.

This creative endeavour frequently involves innovation. The Cartford Inn is unique because we’ve always pursued originality rather than replicating what others do, by pioneering new products and services and reconsidering what a gastropub might be to people.

Recently we've turned our attentions to diversifying the range of drinks we offer. As you would expect from a modern dining pub, we’ve always had a great selection of quality cask ales, wines and spirits. Now though, under the direction of an ardent new bar manager, the selection of drinks you can enjoy is evolving.

So you’ll notice that our selection of single malt whiskies, brandies, bourbons, rums, liqueurs and particularly gins has expanded. We've begun to offer more craft bottled beers and interesting wines by the glass. We are making curious soft drinks made-to-order using fresh ingredients. And we're also pushing the boundaries of what might be served in a modern pub by offering a selection of signature cocktails that feel at home in a country inn, inspired by our experiences, our philosophy and our location. You might consider ordering your favourite tipple next time you visit.