The Fylde Vintage & Farm Show

The 6th annual Fylde Vintage & Farm Show took place last weekend. The two-day event showcased an impressive variety of classic automobiles and farming machinery from yesteryear, as well as rare-breed cattle and other animals.

The event also hosted live music, a fairground, food and crafts displays and a charity auction on Sunday in aid of Trinity Hospice and Brian House.

On Saturday, visitors also had the chance to see a cookery demonstration from by Chris and Patrick.

They first demonstrated a dish that typifies our approach to cooking with highly seasonal, regional produce; a salad of heritage tomatoes, Leagram's organic goat's curd cheese. The salad makes the most of a selection of colourful heritage tomatoes at the height of their season as well as Leagram's excellent cheese. 

Secondly, Chris demonstrated making 'hot water' pastry. This is the traditional short-crust pastry used for making savoury pies. Water is heated and fat (suet and butter) is melted in before adding flour and kneading lightly to form a soft dough.

Chris then showed the audience how to 'hand-raise' the pastry around a meat filling (pork in this case) to create individual pies before producing a big one he made earlier for an eager crowd to sample served with some of our homemade piccalilli.

Lastly, an unusual treat. Patrick had earlier foraged a giant puffball mushroom. These mushrooms are seasonally available and can grow up to 50 inches wide. They have a yielding texture like tofu and are best cooked simply. So Chris pan-fries slices of the mushroom in butter, allowing it to turn a nutty brown.

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