Hospitality Action's Golf Day

Hospitality Action is a charity that helps anyone who works in, or has worked in, the hospitality industry in the UK and finds themselves in need of support. This might be due to bereavement, illness or financial troubles. They provide both monetary assistance and counselling/advice. It’s an organisation we’re proud to support at The Cartford Inn.

On Monday 11th May, a golf day took place at the Worsley Park Marriott and Country Club, Manchester, with the aim of fundraising for the charity. The event was attended by over sixty people, including celebrity chefs and business owners working in the hospitality industry across the North-West. Two of our chefs (and amateur golfers) Chris and Zach eagerly volunteered themselves to enter on our behalf.

Chris said the 18-hole PGA championship course was tough. And the challenge was compounded by winds on an otherwise pleasant day. Consequently, more time was spent in the rough than on the fairway. He says that although they didn’t come last, the less said about the score the better.

At the barbecue for players and sponsors afterwards, it was announced that the event had raised over £10,000 for Hospitality Action.

To learn more about Hospitality Action and the invaluable work they do, visit: