A homage to Jack Benson's 'Cartford Country Talk'

Jack Benson was born in Little Eccleston and lived here all his life. He was a sometime greengrocer, gardener, window cleaner, teacher and entertainer, but he became known for his writing and storytelling. His subject was the Lancashire countryside he loved so much; its scenery, its wildlife and its people.

Jack wrote the Blackpool Gazette’s Country Diary column for twenty-six years and wrote over 300 articles, stories and poems for various other publications. He published three successful books and two CD compilations of his best anecdotes and verse. He was somewhat of a local legend.

Here at The Cartford Inn, Jack was a regular visitor, often enjoying a pint or two. He also started a blog for us in 2012 called ‘Cartford Country Talk’.

Sadly, Jack passed away on August 1st 2013, aged 77. We thought it would be a fitting tribute to Jack to preface our new blog with this, his last post.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The last songbird ...

Heres a note to those who love to frequent the Cartford's beer garden, luxuriating in the view of the river and fells and the song of the birds. It may sound daft when you'd almost despaired of summer's arrival, but we'll soon witness a poignant symbol of its passing. Around the end of the month the song of the blackbird and – increasingly rarely the thrush – will falter and fade. Days later the last songbird will sound the last melancholy note and evenings thereafter will be eerily silent. It is, indeed, Nature's way.